Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024)

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Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024)Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024) LK21, Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024) Layarkaca21, FIlm Semi Korea, Nonton Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024), Betrayal, Affair and Sex (2024) Sub Indo,

Hosts Chae-rin and Hae-il interview two couples who have their own different sex stories.

Scene 1. (Woman living with me) Mi-jin is preparing a meal for her live-in partner, Min-soo. The man approaches her, kisses, and caresses her, but the woman scolds her, saying, “Let’s just eat!”. Min-soo, who reluctantly retreated from his woman’s grumbling, hustles back at her as soon as their meal is over. However, as Mi-jin’s body heated up with his man’s caress, she found torn stockings on his bed and asked him whose they were and whether he was cheating on her. Mi-jin doesn’t believe Min-soo, who claims that it is his sister’s stocking, so he immediately leaves the house and goes to school. Later that day, Mi-jin returned home earlier due to a cancelled class and caught Mi-jin having sex with an invited woman. Min-soo tries to apologize to Mi-jin, saying it is common nowadays for couples to meet with invited men or women and cannot be considered cheating. To return the favor, Mi-jin meets up with an invited man and seems to like the experience. The next day, Mi-jin tries to meet up with another invited man, but surprisingly, the one who comes is Min-soo.

Scene 2. (Chastity before marriage) Jeong-eun is troubled by her boyfriend, Seung-hwan, who insists on chastity before their marriage. She is eager to have sex with her beloved boyfriend and has already tried many times, but she always fails. Then one day, when Jeong-eun returned home, her roommate, who was living with her, was having sex with her boyfriend, and when they were caught, her roommate asked her why she was peeking at them when she already had a boyfriend. In her sorrow, she leaves the house and calls her boyfriend to tell him what happened, but he only talked about premarital purity until the end. But the next day, while Jeong-eun is on her way to an appointment, she accidentally finds Seung-hwan with his drunken female co-worker entering a motel.

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